Just find Ame. But beware of hot head Ame. All character art is Walfie(except buffed Ame?). If you like this game. I don't need any donation and support. Just support Walfie and Ame.
Walfie : https://twitter.com/walfieee
Kang Nep (Buff Amelia) : Kang Nep | Facebook
Amelia Watson : Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN - YouTube
Peritune : PeriTune - フリー音楽素材
If any credit is wrong, please comment. I will add it all. This project is just parody. Please remind that if you like this game, I'm not the one who you should follow. Just follow Amelia Watson, Walfie, and other person who provide a art and music.


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Pretty funny game!

I hope you consider adding a volume control and maybe difficulty levels (that controls Ame's population density and speed) in a future version.

Good game! :)

okay,thats very funny